Make 5e combat come alive without
Sacrificing all your damage !!!

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    There's one thing I keep hearing from other GM's, "how do I make Combat more fun?"

    Well, here at Better Play, we strive to make the most accessible 5e Add On's to make your game well... Better to Play.

    5e Special Attacks is the fast, clean, easy way for you to inject an explosion of combat fun into your games without sacrificing all of your damage and the best part is that it's free!

    Includes 17 New Special Attacks specifically designed for 5e:

    • Bleeding Attack
    • Chokehold Attack
    • Clamerbering Attack
    • Crash Tackle Attack
    • Dazing Attack
    • Disorienting Attack
    • ... and many many more

    Plus you also get the 7 New Conditions that go along with the 5e Special Attacks, all in single 13 pager booklet for quick and easy reference at your next game.